Crossfit Games 2022 Is Over…Now What?

Ready to turn your weaknesses into strengths?

Crossfit Games 2022 was an absolute blast to freaking watch.

This was great programming and a true test of fitness.

  • Gymnastics
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Adapt or die

Over the last few years Crossfit has felt a tad bit more like you need to be a barbell specialist.

I’m not saying that shouldn’t be in your tool box but I’m just asking for balance.

I felt that we got to see that this weekend.

Great job Crossfit.

So what’s next?

In today’s blog I’ll be covering what our athletes at will be focusing on going


  • What to do during off season
  • How to address your weaknesses
  • How to piece it all together

Check out the different training programs by clicking on the link.

Ready to get your best open scores yet?

What To Do This Crossfit Off Season

Now for most of us our season isn’t just now wrapping up.

Meaning your Crossfit season probably ended at semi-finals or even after the Crossfit open.

Today I’ll help spark some conversations between your ears with yourself and help provide some insight

on what we do with our athletes.

After the Crossfit season and getting exposed to several different elements of fitness you probably

know what you biggest weakness or area of opportunity is.

Mobility & Recovery For Crossfit

First thing I always address with every athlete is how well do you move or are you moving?

Are you prioritizing mobility and recovery on a daily basis?

Is this a part of your routine?

If not it should be. We offer a daily 15 minute mobility flow session within our programs to help strengthen and improve your end range of motion.

“It’s the most effective mobility work I’ve ever done.”

Kevin – K Squared Athlete
crossfit workouts
Next you want to build your aerobic base

Build Your Aerobic Base & Get Stronger To Improve Crossfit Scores

You aren’t going to be fitter or better at Crossfit by just doing more Crossfit workouts*

You will be you won’t.

Let me explain.

Let’s say you are doing a 15 minute amrap.

  • Athlete A can do the entire workout at 145 heart rate
  • Athlete B does the same workout at 165

But athlete A wins the workout by doing more rounds and reps.

What does this mean?

Well, it means that athlete A is fitter.

They were able to produce more work by doing more rounds and reps at a lower heart rate.

Number of things could play into that but you get the idea.

Use this off season to build your engine and build your aerobic base also known as your work capacity.

Improve your strength

Get Stronger.

Let me give you another example of why taking the time to get stronger this off season will help you.

In the comparison above we used heart rate.

For this example lets compare 1 rep max % on the workout Diane.

Diane is 21,15,9 of:

  • Deadlifts
  • Handstand Push up

Men – 225 lbs

Women – 155 lbs

  • Athlete A has a max deadlift of 450 lbs and is able to do this workout at 50% of his/her max deadlift.
  • Athlete B has a max deadlift of 365 lbs and will be doing this workout at 62% of his/her max deadlift.

Who is most likely going to have an easier time? Most likely Athlete A because they should be able to

move a lighter weight easier as opposed to lifting 62%.

Now yes this is when Crossfit comes into play that you should have good strength endurance and be able to move moderate weight for a high amount of reps. But don’t jump the gun yet. We are talking about off season.

During the off season if you can focus on building your aerobic capacity up (zone 2 work) raising your

VO2 max and increasing your overall strength as the season progresses you are going to be set up for


workout of the day
But will I lose my conditioning?

As you focus on getting stronger and doing longer slower distance cardio sessions you are going to feel

a little less fitter when doing your crossfit workouts.

But this is why asking yourself what your goals are matters:

  • Are you trying to get your best open score?
  • Are you trying to make it to semi finals?
  • Do you just want a great workout everyday and don’t care about competing?

All of those matter.

Because if you are wanting to get your best open score you have to play the long game and use this time

to work on your engine and your strength.

Use this off season to get stronger. Check out our strength training program here.

how to overhead squat
Olympic Lifting?

Focus on Olympic Lifting To Get Better At Crossfit?

Now I’m biased here.

I do believe that you need to be strong.

I do believe that you need to be good/proficient at olympic lifting.

I do not believe you need to be the best at Olympic Lifting.

Here is why I’m biased:

To be good at Olympic Lifting it takes a lot of work. I’m not opposed to hard work.

But let us be real here guys/gals.

It’s an entire Olympic Sport just based off of two movements.

  • Clean and Jerk
  • Snatch

To get strong, proficient and those you likely have to squat, squat, squat, squat more than you can

imagine to really get your legs and your base strong.

Just above I talked about how we do want to get strong. We do. I’m just saying that when we talk about focusing on Olympic Lifting you can let it take over your entire crossfit programming because remember this is Crossfit. You have to be good at it. You don’t have to be the best at it.

Side note:

  • If you want to focus purely on mastering olympic lifting because you are early in your Crossfit journey then I highly recommend that.
front squat barbell

Get plugged into a specific Olympic Lifting program early in the off season to really get proficient at the movements.

We have an olympic lifting program for crossfit athletes at within our app I just don’t

have a page for it created yet.

If this is something you are interested in learning more shoot me an email @

gymnasitcs program crossfit
Do more of these.

Improve Your Core Strength & Crossfit Gymnastics Skills

Part of the reason I was biased on the Olympic Lifting is also because I’m biased on being really good at

gymnastics 🙂

Gymnastics to me…

…and from my experience is going to help you in every other category.

  • You strengthen your core your strength numbers are going to go up.
  • You improve your positioning your strength numbers are going to go up.
  • You improve your efficiency you will finish workouts faster.

Also the gymnastics component of crossfit takes a lot of practice.

STRENGTH still is the price of admission.

In my programming I’m still a full believer that you need to have adequate strength first before you start

trying to do all the different skills:

  • ring or bar muscle ups
  • handstand walking
  • handstand push ups
  • pistol squats
  • etc

I have over a thousand tutorials on my YouTube on how to do each one of these skills.

So if you want free tips head over here to my YouTube.

Just search things like muscle ups, handstand walking, whatever skill you want I’m confident I have a

tutorial for it.

Those are are tired of searching the internet and just want to get to work and get better I have created two different types of gymnastics programs.

  1. Gymnastics Strength
  2. Gymnastics Engine – don’t have a dedicated page for it but you can see it in the image below within our app
crossfit gymnasitcs
You can see a few others as well

Like I talked about earlier strength is the price of admission and I really like my athletes who are wanting

to get better at gymnastics first work on their strict gymnastics strength.

As you get stronger and increase your power output then we can plug you into our gymnastics engine


This program we challenge your ability to perform high skill gymnastics strength while under fatigue.

Click on the photo to learn more about our gymnastics programming.

How To Piece This All Together

So the next two weeks is a GREAT time to gather all of your baseline data.

Within our programming I write a lot of:

  • % based work
  • moderate, fast, faster, fastest, pace work

In order to know those things you have to know your max effort numbers.

Here are some of the test we will be testing.

  • Back Squat
  • Front Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Jerk
  • Overhead Squat
  • 1 Mile Run/5K Run
  • 1k & 2K Row
  • 100 Cal Assault Bike Time Trail
  • Several different conditioning test we use for bench marks

Over the next two weeks we will go through all of these different test and more.

We will use that data (in case it’s been awhile) to get accurate numbers before we head into our first

training cycle of the year.

crossfit workouts
You ready to get better?

What Happens Once You Know The Bench Marks?

Once we gather all of your baseline data we will kick off Cycle 1 of the Crossfit Season…


The way our cycles work:

  • Most often are training cycles are between 6-8 weeks.

Depending on what skill set we are working on or if we are really working on building strength they could

be longer.

  • Progressive overload training

We keep things simple. At the beginning of the cycle we are going to start off with lower percentage numbers and then as the cycle progresses each week we will incrementally challenge either the weight, tempo or position.

  • Improve skill set

Each training cycle will have a bit more of a focus on a set of skills. If you want to get better we have to practice them.

  • Deload

Throughout the 6-8 weeks of training we are going to be increasing volume, weight, and intensity. It’s important to have a week of recovery before going into testing. De load weeks are still going to be great workouts just less volume and weight.

  • ReTest

At the end of of the training cycle we will re test the workouts, strength test and data we collected in week one. This is a great way to measure if you progressed and get some small mental wins.

We do this throughout the calendar year.


Work hard.


Within the blog I gave several different links to join our different training programs but if you just aren’t there yet and still want to get to know me/just want to continue to learn.

Then go ahead and fill out this form below and I’ll send you one email a week with my best fitness tips for free.

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Crossfit games season has now officially come to an end and it's time to begin preparing for the crossfit


I encouraged to think between your ears on what are areas of opportunity for you:

  • mobility
  • gymnastics
  • engine
  • strength
  • olympic lifting
  • mental toughness

Gave your some resources if you want to improve those skill sets with our training programs.

But I gave you an inside look of exactly what I'll be doing with our K Squared Fitness athletes.

Which is:

Take two weeks to gather baseline data.

Throughout the training year I ask my athletes to know their body and capabilities very well.

My role as a coach is to help you and them progress.

Crossfit Open here we come. If you want to sky rocket your performance and have a blast training then click the link here to get plugged into our program.

Every athlete that signs up and joins our program the first thing we do is hop on a call together so I can see where you are at, what you are trying to accomplish and how I can best support you.

Hope to see you on the other side.

Keep training hard!

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