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Mobility Course (Session 2/3)

Did you know that only 42% of people even show up for the second workout!

So hats off for you already for showing up!

How did that hip mobility have you feeling? 🙃

Today we will:

  • Work on improving your overhead mobility by working on your t spine 
  • Show you some of my favorite activation drills to not only lengthen but strengthen your end range of motion.

Coaching note:

For years I just did static stretching. I would stretch for 30-45 minutes a day or more.

And I loved it. 

I love how it got me into a calm, restorative state of mind. 

I’ll still do this to focus on breathing and when I just want to stretch.

BUT I didn’t see improved mobility until I started working on strengthen my end range of motion. 

Teaching my body, my brain, and my muscles that they need to fire and that “this range” is safe.

Today’s Workout Overview:

  • T Spine Extension & Rotation
  • Activation For Upper Back
  • PVC Flexion
  • I’s, T’s & Y’s Activation
Click play on the video above and knock out the workout! 

You got this! 

If you can change your habits you can change your life.
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Course Progression 66.6%

T Spine Mobility

Shoulders, Hip & Rotation