My man Sri was one of my first three clients here in Franklin at Life Time. He was smiling then and I love him because he always brings positive energy to the group! Moturi is a Child Psychiatrist, one of the most sought after MD’s in the Country and a Father of Twins. He came to me with wanting to make time for himself. With such a demanding job it’s admirable he takes his fitness serious coming 2-3 days a week.

It hasn’t come easy though. While training for a half marathon he suffered with a knee injury that would keep most out of the gym. He changed the program during that time and switched to purely gymnastics training to strengthen position, pushing and pulling strength. We have had to make several changes to adjust to the different changes life has given both us. Moturi being sought after all over the country for speeches and adjusting from after work to 6 AM. We pressed the reset button a few weeks ago with our 60 Day Challenge and had an opportunity to meet one on one. We took the time to re evaluate and discussed scheduling, goals, supplementation, and what barriers we may have to overcome. He committed to picking up another day in the week and since that committment he has only missed once! That’s why is this weeks client of the week. Persistent throughout the year and not afraid to take on challenges. Sricharan is very coachable and trust the process.

He gets strong each week, and nice job grabbing those 30 lb DB’s last week brother! He also scored a hat trick on Friday’s Fun Time when we played floor hockey for our warm up.

When you see Moturi this week give him a high five for training for a full year! Accountability was what he wanted and he has stayed true to training throughout the year, good for you brother!

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