I first met Karensa over a year ago, she was one of my first five clients. She was excited to do something different and to get stronger! She had broken her leg the year prior and was timid when it came to lifting heavier as you could imagine.

I got to give it up to her though, she has stayed consistent and gotten in over 100 workouts with me over the past year! One of my favorite things Karensa does is she brings a pen to her workouts so she can make note of all her weights and times. We follow a % based program so it’s important to make sure you are increasing your weights each week. 

Now that we have the website available she is posting her workouts online. I encourage all of you to do this as well! If we are testing a 7 Rep Max Squat and the last time we tested was 11.20 it would be nice to be able to refer back to what weight you used so you have a goal to strive for and beat that!

Karensa has completed a half marathon over the past year, tripled her deadlift weight, moving better than she ever has, and even rowing a 2 K under 10 minutes she doesn’t know that – challenge accepted Karensa?

Post your time below, your consistency is awesome, and your commitment too yourself. Way to go and congrats to being this weeks client of the week!

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