Client Of The Week Ashley Ott

Ashley is client of the week because this past week she didn’t want to miss her training session so she took an UBER to her workout! That’s what I call dedication. 

Ashley first started training with me nearly four months ago and has been on a roll since.  We started with her on boarding session here at Life Time Athletic in Franklin and I invited her to my small group training the following day. She absolutely loved it and got started right away.

Going all in on her business kept her out of the fitness world for 9 months! Four months later she is extremely consistent, she trains four days a week, and even not having a ride doesn’t keep her from coming. 

She is always asking questions so she can improve and understand the training style. 

I asked her:

What is it you love about training?

“Accountability. I run my own business and there’s never enough time in the day for everything. So, training with Kevin and the crew keeps the gym a top priority for me.”

Ashley is a perfect example of what I love seeing in small group training. She encourages those around her, brings positive energy to the group, helps communicate to new clients, and loves a good challenge. Thanks for being a client of mine and helping build a great community!