Cardio Exercises At Home – #3 Is My Favorite

Cardio exercises at home
Cardio with no equipment? No problem. Put a smile on and get to work!

Cardio Workouts At Home

If you are a part of our K2 Interval Program and looking for a list of cardio exercises at home you can do here you go!

Cardio Exercises

Each cardio exercise can be done at home and for beginners. Click the hyperlink to review the exercise.

  1. Jumping Jacks
  1. Running In Place 
  1. Single Under OR Double Under
Single Under. Great cardio exercise.
  1. Kettlebell Swing – requires kettlebell and good form!
Great cardio but MUST be done properly.
  1. Alternating Step Up OR Quick Step Up
Make sure to squeeze your glutes at the top to prevent back pain.
  1. Mountain Climber 
Go fast to get your heart rate up more!
  1. Squat Jump 
Make sure to watch video to establish proper form.
  1.  Burpee OR  Elevated Hand Release Push Up + Alternating Lizard Step Up
This total body exercise will get your heart rate up. Enjoy.
  1. Jumping Lunge
Advanced movement here but if you got it go for it!

Cardio workouts especially high intensity interval training is a great way to maximize your time and get a great workout in. Here is are a few example cardio workout at home you can do:

Cardio Workout Sample:

Total Time: 30 Minutes.


Every 8 Minutes x 3 sets 

  1. Cardio x 2 Minutes 
  1. 45 seconds x Pike Push Up OR  L Sit Press 
  1. Rest x 20 seconds
  1. Cardio x 2 Minutes 
  1. 45 seconds x Close Grip DB Floor Press
cardio exercises at home
Get outside sometimes!


We gave you a list of cardio exercises you can do at home, and given you one of our favorite cardio home workouts. Also the opportunity to join our K2 Interval program where we guide you through a 30 minute cardio workout that will give you a great total body workout.

Comment below if you have any questions and what you favorite cardio exercise alternative is!

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cardio exercises at home
Your coaches Kevin and Katie Andres have fun training and helping people like you!

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