Burpee To Box Jump

burpee to box jump
Burpee to box jump…let’s break it down

The burpee to box jump skill requires you to be in great positioning and force you to have good jump mechanics which I like.

If you are doing burpees and when you jump up and your feet are NOT flat and in a jumping position (every rep should look the same) then you

aren’t training a good position.

The burpee to box jump exercise just challenges you to land in the right jumping mechanics and then immediately do a box jump.

In today’s blog I’ll discuss:

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Burpee To Box Jump Technique

In this video I’ll break down a few different ways to approach the burpee box jump (over if you want).

  1. Both feet flat and jump over (feet flat is crucial
  2. 1,2 step then jump

Check out the video below and I’ll break it down for you in greater detail:

Burpee box jump over

In the video I demonstrating the burpee box jump over but the same thing applies if you aren’t jumping over the box.

Just jump on top of the box close your hip (stand up straight and squeeze your butt) then step or jump back down.

Box Jumps

We love box jumps at K Squared Fitness and a lot of that has to do with the benefits that come with doing plyometrics.

Trains us to be:

  • explosive
  • faster
  • and we can challenge different types of jumps (depth drops, single leg jumps, seated box jumps, etc)

We utilize box jumps a lot to maximize post potentiation activation…

…basically in our strength training workouts we will utilize some type of explosive exercise like a box jump after a heavy squat to recruit as many

muscle fibers as possible so we can jump higher.

burpee to box jump
Box jumps are my jam lets make them your too

What’s most important when doing box jumps are:

  1. Landing on the box like a cat (soft landing, soft feet, and having your body absorb the contact)
  2. Closing your hips at the top (standing completely upright)
  3. In most cases stepping down from the box (safer on your achilles tendon)

So remember those things when you try some of the workouts below out.

Box Jumps Workout

Below I’ll give you a few different box jump workouts.

Some will be crossfit style and some will be pulled from our strength component of our vertical jump training program which is focused more on

power and developing explosiveness.

Box Jump Workout #1

Three rounds for time:

  • Row x 500 meters
  • 12 x deadlift
  • 10 x box jump
  • 8 x burpee

Deadlift weight:

Use your bodyweight for this workout.

burpee to box jump
Which workout was your favorite?

Box Jump Workout #2

2 sets:

  • Bike x 90 seconds (or some form of cardio)
  • rest x 30
  • 60 seconds x front foot elevated split squat
  • rest x 30
  • 45 seconds x side plank
  • rest x 30
  • 45 seconds x alternating db snatch
  • rest x 30
  • 45 seconds x burpee to box jump
  • rest x 30
  • 60 seconds x push up
  • rest x 30

After two sets cut all of the work in half and do one set.

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Box Jump Workout #3 To Maximize Vertical & Explosiveness

4 sets

  • Heavy tempo squat variation (back squat, front squat, hack squat) –> check out this blog if you don’t know how to front squat.
  • Immediately after your squat do some type of explosive jump (box jump, seated box jump, tuck jump, hurdle jump, etc)

When you load the muscles first with a heavy stimulus and follow that up with an explosive movement it’s called post activation potentiation…

…if you want to get stronger, faster and more explosive it’s the style of training you want to do and what we do with our NFL athletes.

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The burpee to box jump exercise is skill the requires you to have good burpee mechanics but more importantly jumping mechanics.

I talked about the benefits and importance of landing with your feet flat when you do the burpee so you are in the correct jumping position and

also not putting added stress on your lower back and knees.

I also gave you three different box jump workouts that you can try.

  • 2 crossfit box jump style workout
  • 1 that was more focused on improving explosiveness and jumping ability

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