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online athletic training program

Online Athletic Training Program

By ksquaredfitness | Jan 14, 2022 |

Looking for an online athletic training program to take your performance to the next level? Helping athletes improve their strength, performance, speed, agility, is what I do. If you want to skip straight to learning all about it our K2 Athlete program click here. Online Athletic Training Program Outline Working with athletes what is our…

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personal trainers

Best At Home Workout App

By ksquaredfitness | Jan 7, 2022 |

Looking for the best at home workout app on the planet? You might be in luck!I (Kevin) have been training since 2008 and moved around the country (6 different cities) quite a bit in my training career. Don’t worry this won’t be a story about me. I tell you that to say that each time…

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ring dip

Ring Dips

By ksquaredfitness | Dec 29, 2021 |

Ring dips are super challenging. Can’t you see the look on my face that I love them?  Ha. I actually do love ring dips but man they are significantly more challenging that stationary dips aren’t they!  I don’t know if you are here because you are looking for ring dip progressions to learn how to…

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ab exercises men

Ab Exercises Men

By ksquaredfitness | Dec 20, 2021 |

What’s up men! I have been a personal trainer since 2008 and men are always asking me what are the most effective ab exercises. So today I got you covered 🤙🏻 within the short article I will share with you the best ab exercises for men starting from easiest to hardest. I will also share…

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30 day fitness challenge

Fitness Challenge 30 Days

By ksquaredfitness | Nov 5, 2021 |

I always put something on my calendar every 90 days to help me stay focused with my workouts. It helps me stay consistent, show up on the days I don’t want to, and plus I love a good challenge!  That’s why I created the 900 minute fitness challenge.  Today I will give you the complete…

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how to train for a faster 5k

3 HIIT Treadmill Workouts To Do This Week

By ksquaredfitness | Oct 14, 2021 |

High intensity interval training and specifically hiit treadmill workouts are some of my favorite ways to train when I have access to a treadmill. The treadmill makes it so easyto dictate different intensities, speed, and other things I will talk more in depth about so that you can get an effective workout even if you…

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hiit workouts women

The Best HIIT Workouts 15 Minutes Or Less

By ksquaredfitness | Oct 7, 2021 |

Only got 15 minutes to get a great workout? Hiit is the way to go. You can get a lot done in 15 minutes if you have a plan. If you are anything like me my schedule is packed with different meetings, places to be and appointments throughout the day. Or maybe you are a…

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wall sit

6 Awesome Wall Sit Variations To Try

By ksquaredfitness | Oct 5, 2021 |

Who remembers holding wall sits when they were younger? I feel like it was what adults made you do for punishment? Maybe punishment isn’t the right word but it was kind of a way for adults to work your legs instead of saying drop down and give me ten push ups!  I just had a…

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30 day fitness challenge beginner

3 Good Run Workouts For Beginners & Weight Loss

By ksquaredfitness | Sep 30, 2021 |

Running workouts for beginners who want to lose weight can be pretty daunting. You don’t know where to start (outside of just getting outside and taking off) but if you are anything like me you probably want to have some direction.  Just because you have packed on a few pounds doesn’t mean you want to…

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