Best Practices When You Don’t Have A Lot Of Equipment

When following an online training program like K Squared Fitness it’s important you understand how to tailor your workouts based on what equipment you have available, what the workout of the day is, and what intensity we are asking you to perform. Here are a few things to keep in mind for your training. 

  1. Utilize our K2 Level System throughout your workouts so you can get the right training stimulus. If the workout ask you to do ten pull ups, but you can only do one. We want you to level down to the exercise you can perform ten reps at. As you get stronger, level up. 
  1. Approach your conditioning workouts with the right training stimulus. 
  1. Add weight, tempo or reps.

 For example:

Four sets of:

  1. 10 x  L Sit Press  
  2. 10 x Goblet Squat
  3. Rest x 60 seconds

This is a very basic example. But each set we want you to make it gradually more difficult. 

  • Add 5-10 lbs each set. 

If you don’t have additional weight you can:

  • Add two reps each round 


  • Add a tempo (control the eccentric portion of the lift) the down phase 

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