Best At Home Workout App

best at home workout app
We are the creators of the K Squared Fitness app 🙂

Looking for the best at home workout app on the planet? You might be in luck!I (Kevin) have been training since 2008 and moved around the country (6 different cities) quite a bit in my training career.

Don’t worry this won’t be a story about me.

I tell you that to say that each time I moved I would miss the clients I developed a relationship with and wanted to still be able to provide awesome at home workouts for them!

Long story short I created an at home workout app that has over 1,000 video tutorials, workouts that you can follow from at home, in a gym, and allows you to personalize your workouts to you!

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What Makes This The Best At Home Workout App

best at home workout app
We make it personal

If you didn’t check out the link above where I listed out all of the value you get within our K Squared fitness app I will walk you through what we offer and why we are striving to be the best at home workout app on the planet.

Goal Discovery

You are looking for a workout program because you have fitness goals and you want to reach them. We want to help you reach them.

When you join K Squared fitness or take our $1- 7 day trial you get a goal setting guide to help you identify what you really want to accomplish and why.

Private Roadmap Session

After you fill out your goal setting guide you and I will meet virtually to see what recommendations I would have for you.

Find out more about:

  • what equipment you have
  • how much time you have available
  • how long you can dedicate to working out each day

Based off of our conversation I will make a recommendation of which workout program would be best suited for you within the app.

Community Of People Just Like You

We got a mix of everyone in our at who are working out:

  • Our parents of course (biggest fans)
  • NFL athletes
  • Country and rock superstars
  • A mom who have six kids (she doesn’t mess around)
  • High school students
  • Working executives

You name it. Everyone in the community is here for the same reason, to be the best version of themselves…

…and yeah to get a great at home workout in 🙃

workout at home app

Guarantee To Get You In The Best Shape Of Your Life

Yes. I don’t know of any other fitness app that guarantee this.

But I know that I can add incredible value to your health and fitness lifestyle and I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. If you aren’t satisfied with our app you can shoot me an email within the first 30 days and I will refund your money.

What’s “In” The K Squared Fitness App

Great question. Since I have been training since 2008 I have got exposed to a lot of different clientele which really expanded my knowledge for fitness.

I worked for corporate gyms for over a decade so I wouldn’t really get very many “speciality clients” meaning NFL, celebs and those type of clientele.

Home workouts youtube

It was more like “everyday” people.

People that needed to get in, and get out. Because they have kids at home or have to hustle back to work on their lunch break.

That’s my bread and butter. Or maybe I should say carrots and hummus.

Progressions + Modifications + Levels

You can see a screen shot from our at home workout app above. I worked with a ton of people over the years and what makes personal training special is being able to progress a client from where they are currently at with their fitness and help them achieve their goal.

We do this in many ways. But most commonly is personalizing the exercise that’s best suited for them.

I replicated this within our app.

You can see in our “self guided” format workout you are giving an exercise on screen in this case the elevated push up.

Two things you can do:

  1. You can click the easier button to make the exercise better suited for you
  2. Click the harder button for when you are ready for the next challenge
best workout at home app
You can follow the exact same program that Katie does that will leave you with a big smile too 🙂

Workout At Home & More

It’s not only important to have the exercise tailor to you and your level. But also the workouts.

Within the app you will have access to all of the workout programs we offer…

…all for one price.

We used to charge over $100 per program and then we decided to make it easier.

Let’s make it wayyyy less expensive to join and let’s give more value to our clients and give them access to all of our programs so they can have a great workout no matter where they are at or how much time they have that day to train.

So we did.

If you want to read more about a couple of the at home workout programs within the app check them out:

We have several other programs in their as well. Strength training, weight loss, beginners, runners, athlete, etc.

personal trainer
Personal training touch to it all

Coaching & Personal Training

At my roots I’m a personal trainer. I created our at home workout app so we could help more people.

It’s obviously not the same experience as working one on one together but I’m trying my hardest to make your experience as close to it as possible.

  • On boarding experience when you first team up with us.
  • Our level system that will allow you to personalize each exercise to you.
  • Programs to meet you where you are at.
  • You can reach you to me personally at any time.

I’m also huge to educating and helping you move better.

Which is why I created our youtube channel. If you aren’t quite ready to take our fitness app for a spin then check out our youtube where we make videos each week:

Here is a playlist of “exercise education” where I help teach you how to move properly.

You might go down a rabbit hole if you check out our youtube because we provide so much fitness content!

You can save some time if you want by getting my free download below of the “10 rules” I follow every day.

Check it out below:

Tell Me Your Ways Man!

See what ten things Kevin does every single day.


I gave you an inside look to our at home workout app, shared with you why I think it's the best ðŸĪŠ and hopefully inspired you to take the next steps in your fitness journey.

My mission is to make it easier people who have a lot going on get a great workout in.

Try our fitness app the next week by clicking here.


I have a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our programs.

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