Who Is This Program For?

K2 Athlete is designed for men and women who are disciplined, and want to show up everyday and challenge themselves.

This program was designed for:

  • Competitors
  • Disciplined men & women
  • Athletes
  • People who are ready to get strong and extremely fit

Ever gotten a program and didn’t know how to do the movements or couldn’t do them? 

Us too. 

We solved the problem:

Each exercise has a video link attached to the movement. Within 10 seconds you can see the exercise, or watch the remaining video and we walk you through every step. 

Check out this example of how to light up your core

We have tested this for years... it works, if you work. Are you ready?


K2 Athlete

$125 /month
  • ACCESS to full gym or you have your own equipment
  • 60-90+ minutes w/ 2x a day training option
  • FOR serious athletes and competitors

K2 Athlete Program Breakdown

K Squared Athlete Program follows percentage based programming to maximize your strength potential and prevent plateau.

If you follow all the options (core, strength, and conditioning), it should take you 60-75 minutes to complete the workout.

After you’ve completed the workout, you are provided additional options to customize your training program:

  1. Strength & Build Muscle
  2. Gymnastics Drills
  3. Running 
  4. Rowing
  5. Biking
  6. Stretching

These options are typically a 15-25 minute add on. 

This Program Includes

  1.  K2 Level System (Adjust the exercise for what’s best for you)
  2. Learn how to do every exercise in 90 seconds or less 
  3. Workouts posted 5 PM Central, 5 days a week
  4.  Access to K Squared private Facebook group
  5.  The feeling of accomplishment, and that’s worth every penny

Equipment Needed for K2 Athlete

This training program is best suited for a fully equipped gym.

  • Squat Rack
  • Barbell
  • Pull Up Bar
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells 
  • Cardio (Treadmill, Rower, Bike)
  • Jump Rope
  • Exercise bands

Not sure if you are performing an exercise properly?

Join our K2Fit private Facebook group where you can upload your workout videos and receive feedback from your coaches along with the friendly online community we have created. 

You can post your questions, upload videos and get feedback to help keep you on track.

It’s not about what you get, it's about who you become. We are more than fitness coaches, we want to influence and empower you to thrive in your life. Now, what’s that worth to you?

Train with the Fittest in Nashville

Nutritional Support

If This Sounds Like You, Join Us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Your Coaches



Hi, I’m Kevin Andres! I grew up in Houston, Texas, and moved to Tennessee as a young adult. Growing up I played multiple sports including baseball, track, cross country, swimming, and basketball which eventually led to a collegiate career at Tennessee Temple University. After college, I moved back to Texas and joined the Texas Air National Guard in a Special Operations Unit Tactical Air Control Party. There, I led my unit in training on a daily basis. Following my military career, I went on to play in the American Basketball Association in Austin, TX.

My interest in Health and Human Performance came from training with the most elite athletes in the world. My time in the military led me to discover my passion in bringing the best out of people. I have been a certified Personal Trainer since 2009 and have since helped hundreds of people across the country look and feel their best.

My certifications include:

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine - Personal Trainer
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine - Sports Performance Specialist
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine - Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine - Behavior Change Specialist
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine - Weight Loss Specialist
  • Precision Nutrition - Level 1 Nutrition Coach
  • Metabolic Effect - Level 1 Nutrition Coach

After moving around to various states, I came back to Tennessee. In 2018 I was named the Fittest Man in Nashville by Nashville Fit Magazine. I’ve also competed in CrossFit for the past 6 years using our K Squared method of training. Katie and I were married in May of 2019 and live in the Nashville area with our two dogs, Kobe and Kilo.



Hey, I’m Katie Andres! I am a PN1 Certified Nutrition Coach and a total health/ fitness guru.

I grew up in Connecticut and moved to Tennessee with my family when I was 10 years old. As a kid, I loved to play sports, compete, and be outside. I played travel soccer and was always doing some type of activity with my older brother, Matt. Whether we were throwing the football, riding bikes, playing basketball, or just running around, we were constantly moving.

My soccer career abruptly came to an end when I was 15 after a Cardiologist discovered I have the gene for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, which is an inherited heart condition. However, my love for exercise, sports, and health wouldn’t allow my story to end here. I went on to receive my Bachelors Degree in Health and Physical Education from UTC, and I earned my Nutrition Certification through Precision Nutrition.

During my education and training process, one of the key lessons I have learned is that in order to be successful at something, you have to know your personal “Why”. Why do this? Why work out? Why eat healthy? Why push yourself? My brother passed away from his heart condition in 2018 and this is one of my reasons why I am so passionate about helping others reach their full health potential and discovering their “Why” behind it all.

I married Kevin in May of 2019, and we created K Squared Fitness. Kevin’s workout programs coupled with my K2 Nutrition Program help busy people find time in their schedule for healthy habits and getting really fit. We don't just preach the K2 programming, we practice it daily.