At Home HIIT Workout Plan

at home hiit workout plan
Working out at home and love hiit training?

If you are looking for an at home hiit workout plan you are in the right place! I have been personal training since

2008 and have found very creative ways to get a great total body workout in with minimal equipment! Typically people that like hiit training are my type of people because…


  • want to a total body workout
  • core, legs, upper body, lower body
  • and get their cardio in at the same time

Today I’m going to show you how you can create an at home hiit workout plan so you can get a great workout:

  • what workout equipment I recommend
  • how you workout should flow
  • give you a couple of circuits with videos that you can try today!

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at home workout plan
You don’t need much to get a great workout.

At Home HIIT Workout Plan – Equipment

Okay so first thing is first! You gotta have the right equipment*

*There is always ways to modify exercises if you don’t have equipment but you are looking for a workout plan…

… so that tells me you are someone who likes to be prepared. Depending on your fitness goals you don’t need much to get started:

At a minimum you should have:

  • A pair of dumbbells

Recommended weight for men:

Beginner- 15-20 lbs

Intermediate – 20-30 lbs

Advanced – 35-50 lbs

Recommended weight for women:

Beginner- 8-12 lbs

Intermediate – 15-20 lbs

Advanced – 35-35 lbs

When we are working out it’s important to include weight training a part of hiit training because it will give you more bang for your buck.

Think about it…

…the heavier the exercise the more challenging it will be right? Which leads to a increased heart and increased potential muscle growth.

at home workout plan
  • Kettlebell

Now, if you aren’t able to get a kettlebell that’s technically fine because in most cases we can just use a dumbbell instead.

For example a kettlebell swing, goblet squats, can also be done with a dumbbell but as a coach I would like you to have a kettlebell if possible.

Because we will do a lot of kettlebell swings which are SO GOOD FOR YOU.

Check out the video above to master the form.
  • Some piece of cardio equipment

With hiit training we will do what’s called peripheral heart rate training. It’s where we get your heart rate up, then work your legs, upper body, abs.

Traditional “body building” you would do an exercise for 10 reps then rest for 60 seconds and then repeat.

Not with hiit.

We mix our cardio with our weight training.

The cheapest piece of cardio equipment you could get would be to get a jump rope.

at home workout
Get a jump rope at minimum.

But if you are in a position where you can get other pieces of cardio equipment I would recommend:

  • Concept or Assault Rower

Rowing is amazing for your body. It’s low impact and it works your legs and back which we all need more of. Check out the video below to see how to row properly:

Learn how to row properly so you don’t wreck your back

To recap on what at home workout you would want to have at a minimum:

  • a pair of dumbbells
  • a kettlebell
  • a jump rope or some form of cardio equipment (rower, bike, treadmill, etc)

How Your At Home Workout Should Flow

Of course your workout routine is going to vary based off how much time you have available but the principle should stay the same.

I find that most people doing hiit workouts at home typically have anywhere from 30-45 minutes and some can swing an hour.

We created a sweet at home workout app geared for those people that you can learn more about here.

Foam Roll & Stretch

Regardless of how much time you have you should dedicate at least 5 minutes to get your mind and body prepared for your workout.

Foam roll your and stretch your big muscle groups. For instance your glutes like this:

Tight glutes = back pain

I did a full write up on how to stretch your glute here so you can have a couple of exercises in your toolbox.

Warm Up

Most people either skip foam rolling and stretching OR they skip the warm up.


You feel the sense of urgency to get straight to your workout because you don’t have a lot of time.

I get that.

But a proper warm up will help you get into a better oxidative training state AKA fat burning state. Without going into a deep dive about why that’s important for weight loss…

…if you go straight into your workout and your heart rate is sky high the entire time and your heart rate never comes down it’s not optimal.

This photo tells you on a surface level of what I’m talking about

at home workout
If that raises your eyebrows let me know in the comments below

HIIT Workout

In the section below I’m going to give you some examples of some at home workouts you can do but here I’m still trying to explain things a little bit for you.

I have always found that if you can understand things better you are most likely to be bought into things and committed to your workout.

That’s what’s important.

If it’s just another workout, new playlist, etc it won’t keep you going.


…you are stretched out, your are warmed up it’s time to put get to work!

Click on the photo to check out some sweet 30 minute hiit workouts

Circuits To Add To Your At Home Workout Plan

Below I’m going to give you a couple of different hiit workouts you can try from home. They assume you have already foam rolled, stretched, and you are ready to go 🙂

At Home Workout Circuit #1

3 sets:

Cardio x 4 minutes

45 seconds x Lunge

30 seconds x L Sit Press

15 seconds x Renegade Row

60 second x Plank

Rest x 2 minutes then repeat

This at home workout is great because you get your cardio and heart rate up first. Then we work legs, upper body (pull), upper body (push) and then you hold your plank to bring your heart rate down and work your abs.

So when you are creating your plan think about those things:

  • heart rate up first
  • work your legs (unilateral or bilateral) aka goblet squats or single leg exercises
  • after working your legs pull something (either a horizontal pull or a vertical pull)
  • push something (horizontal or vertical push)
  • then perform a core exercise

Am I losing you?

If you want to just follow along with us and leave the programming to me I would love to have you join us 🙂

Because I geek out of programming and writing workouts. Probably a little too much.

at home workouts men
Fellas you will like this one below

At Home Workout Circuit #2

3 sets:

Cardio x 4 minutes

20 seconds x Push up

40 seconds x Butterfly sit up

40 seconds x Alternating step up

20 seconds x Strict pull up

Rest x 3 minutes then repeat

This workout challenges your push and pull strength with the demand we give you on push ups and pull ups. If you struggle with push ups do this instead:

As you get stronger you can gradually decrease the height to make it more challenging.

At Home Workout Circuit #3

3 sets:

Cardio x 5 minutes

20 seconds x L sit press

30 seconds x Goblet squat

40 seconds x Banded Row

30 seconds x Lunge

20 seconds x DB floor press

Rest x 3 minutes

This workout challenges your cardio a little more and then you get straight into the work with the pyramid. You get a great combination of upper body and lower body.

If any of these exercises are new to you and you would like to see in depth exercise tutorials on them I have them all on my youtube channel.

at home workout plan
All the exercises mentioned above can be found here
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You should feel confident about having an at home hiit workout plan don't you?!

We covered:

  • what equipment you need
  • how your workout should flow (talked about the importance of warming up)
  • then gave you three at home workout circuits to try

Comment below what was the most valuable take away that you gathered from this post.

If you came here because you really just wanted to get a great at home workout then take K Squared Fitness virtual fitness classes for a spin where I take you through an awesome workout with minimal equipment.

You can learn more about our virtual fitness classes here!

at home workout plan
Your coaches Kevin & Katie

Frequently Asked Questions

What hiit workout can I do from home?

I gave you three at home workout circuits you can try above. Or you can try out 20 minute hiit workout video below:

Is 30 minute hiit enough?

I tell our clients this all the time...'s not about how much you do. It's about the intensity you work at. If you get in and get to work for 30 minutes you get a great workout. Apply the principles you learned above:

  • heart rate up
  • Legs
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Core

Are home hiit workouts effective?

You do not need a lot of equipment to get a great workout. Do I love to squat and deadlift heavy? Heck yes, but when I'm limited on time I go straight to hiit workouts. I don't want to turn into a power lifter who can go out and toss the football and get winded. Hiit workouts helps keep me well rounded with my cardio and strength.

Any other questions or things you would like for me to cover leave in the comments below and keep training hard 🙂