Assisted Pistol Squat

What are pistol squats good for?

Pistol squats build strength in your lower body, abs and lower back. They also improve flexibility, balance, and overall body control.

How hard is it to do a regular (unassisted) pistol squat?

Very! You need to have both mobility and strength.

I’ve already got the assisted pistol squat nailed down easily! What’s next?

Next up is the pistol squat ! Congrats!  🙂

The Assisted Pistol Squat is still a little challenging for me, what can I do to build up to it?

If you’re not quite ready for an assisted pistol squat, try the rear foot elevated pistol squat!

What’s a good stretch for the Assisted Pistol Squat?

The ankle dorsiflexion stretch is fantastic!

How do you do an Assisted Pistol Squat?

Check out our youtube video for how to perform an assisted pistol squat correctly!

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