Why K Squared Fitness

Our mission is to help you have a blast training and unlock your performance.

K Squared Fitness helps athletes all over the world improve mobility, become proficient at gymnastics and improve strength & conditioning in the sport of fitness – all within our app!  We love to challenge our athletes to embrace challenges and become the best version of themselves. 

We believe in being consistently good rather than occasionally great. 

At K Squared Fitness, we design our workouts and training programs with the next day/week in mind. We believe that training/movement should be something you do each day.  Our workouts are simple, effective and challenging and leave you feeling good, not destroyed. 

best at home workout app

We Created A World Class App So You Can…

Access On Any Device

Access your program on our responsive web app on your phone, tablet, or desktop.

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RX More Workouts

Every exercise has an "easier" or "harder" button that you can click to scale the exercise to you and your fitness level.


Master The Oly Lifts

We will help you get mobile, strong, and master the olympic lifts.


Improve Your Mobility

Access a daily mobility program to help you optimize performance.

CrossFit Gymnastics

Get Feedback On Lifts & Gymnastics

Our coaches are here to help you move better and gain confidence with the skills.

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Work With The Best

Created by Personal Trainer, Kevin Andres, who programs the most effective and creative workouts to keep training fun and backed by science.


We LOVE Getting To Know Our Athletes

Email Us

Shoot us an email, introduce yourself, and let us know what your goals are and what you are wanting to accomplish!

Take A Free Class

Almost every athlete we work with wants to improve their mobility and strength. Take our FREE 3 day mobility workshop. 

Join A Program 

We offer several different training programs and will meet you where you are at. Check out our programs by clicking the link below. 

We’ve helped thousands of athletes. See what some of them have to say, and see why you should be next.

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CrossFit Gymnastics

About The Head Coach - Kevin Andres

Kevin has been coaching since 2008 and competing in Crossfit ™ since 2012. Former semi-pro basketball player, Air Force Veteran and once named Nashville’s Fittest Man is now helping other athletes take their fitness to the next level.