The Abdomen Workout You Need To Be Doing

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Kevin Andres – Creator and Owner of K Squared Fitness

Getting six pack abs or a flat stomach are the two things most people tell us they want to have. Abs are not easy to get, but thankfully we have the perfect abdomen workout that you need to start doing now!

Not only do we have a FREE 5 day Abs Course, but we also have an entire program for you to do the ultimate abdomen workout 5 days a week. If you want the abs you’ve always dreamed of having, then this is a must have.

Since we’re nice and care about you, we’re going to tell you five of our favorite abdomen workout exercises and encourage you to try our free 5 day abs course! 

#1. Elbow Jack

Elbow jacks are an incredible abdomen workout exercise! You’ll see this exercise within our abs program and it is guaranteed to light up your core, giving you the opportunity to get that six pack or flat stomach you’re wanting!

#2. Butterfly Sit Up

Butterfly sit ups are a classic exercise that you need to incorporate into your abdomen workout ASAP. When doing these, you want to extend all the back, touching your hands to the floor and touching your feet when you come up. 

#3. Hanging Tuck Raise

If you think pull up bars are only for pull ups, think again! The Hanging Tuck Raise is one of the many abdomen workout exercises that you do using a pull up bar. This abdomen workout really targets your lower abdominal muscles and is a fantastic exercise!

#4. Tuck Rock

Tuck rocks are an incredible core workout! One of the greatest aspects of abdomen workouts is that you can do SO many of them with absolutely no equipment. Making them easy to do from home, traveling, or wherever you are! Tuck rocks are one of those bodyweight, core exercises!

#5. V Up Series

This abdomen workout is a more advanced one that is absolutely INCREDIBLE. Try this exercise for the ultimate abs workout exercise.


For a killer abdomen workout program, sign up for our K Squared Abs Program! All the ab workouts above are included in this program and are strategically put together in workouts that will give you that six pack or flat stomach you’ve always wanted. Take a look below at some of the results from real members of our Fitness Community!

(Left: After , Right: Before)
Left: Kevin (Creator of K Squared Fitness) Right: Rob, K Squared Fitness Member

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