Ab Exercises Men

ab exercises men
Check out the exercises below and give them a try!

What’s up men!

I have been a personal trainer since 2008 and men are always asking me what are the most effective ab exercises.

So today I got you covered 🤙🏻 within the short article I will share with you the best ab exercises for men starting from easiest to hardest.

I will also share with you a full exercise tutorial so you can learn how to active your abs too.

That’s actually why it’s important to master exercise #1 first before you just to the hollow body 🤪

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Top 4 Ab Exercises Men Should Master:

I’m going to give you four exercises to work on. The goal is to master the hollow body, the most foundational ab exercise to master (and also take away your back pain.)

Many men and women do this wrong.

They skip exercise 1-3 and go straight to the hollow body and have this massive arch in their back and never feel the “activation” in your abs.

Take it from me, master the first 3 exercises first.

Or if you say hey Kev, I got the hollow body down. What else you got:

  1. Join the free five day ab course I mentioned above and I’ll show you some cool stuff
  2. And or check out this post I made about mastering the L SIt.

Okay let’s get to it:

#1 Tuck Pulse

Phase 1 of mastering the Hollow Body

The hollow body is a very challenging ab exercise.

The way you approach challenging ab exercise is by…breaking it down one step at a time.

Here we start with the “tuck pulse” key points are to:

  • Have knees pulled in past your hip crease
  • Knees pinched together
  • Rib cage down

If you watch the full tutorial I walk you through the importance of tucking your pelvis so that you can activate your lower abs.

At the end of the article I will give you an example progression to do for a daily ab workout so you can begin to practice the form and gradually progress.

#2 Single Leg Tuck Hold

You wanted some good ab exercises…this is a good one if you do it right

Men have a difficult time taking their time when learning haha and I totally get that.

Hopefully you at least checked out the first video the “Tuck Pulse” as a part of our hollowbody progression.

You will want to keep the same principles that you learned with the Tuck Pulse…

…ribs down, keeping your upper back off the ground and these key points of performance:

  • When one leg goes out the other knee (MUST stay past the hip crease)
  • Tuck your pelvis (do NOT let your lower back come off the ground)
  • Alternate legs

#3 Weighted Tuck Hold

In the first exercise the “tuck pulse’ we worked on knees in over the crease of the hip.

In the second exercise we worked on having one leg extend WITHOUT having our lower back come of the ground.

For the third exercise in our hollow body progression we take on step back to master the tuck position again to stress the importance of keeping the rib cage “down” position.

The added weight over the head is going to be a challenge.

Pull your ribs down and use your breathe as your own coach (every exhale pulls ribs down)

Don’t skip these exercise men, because they next one we are going for the full hollow body…

…as soon as those legs go out it’s gets tough! So be ready for it!

#4 Hollow Body Hold

The Hollow body hold 😳

Alright men, the hollow body hold.

It’s no joke.

It will have you shaken life a leaf in a matter of seconds if you are doing in properly.

I’m not suggesting literally shaking means it’s working, but I’m referring more to “activation” of your abs.

Like I talked about in the videos above if your back is coming off the ground you will not feel this in your abs.

You may feel it in your lower back…

…I would encourage you to think about these coaching cues:

  • Keep your rib cage down (if your lower back comes off the ground bring your hands down like in the photo)
  • Tuck your pelvis to help keep your lower back “smooshed” into the ground
  • Bring your chin to your chest

Don’t let your ego get to you.

When you get fatigued make adjustments so that you can feel the exercise in your abs.

What Other Progressions Should I Do?

ab exercises men
Notice the “easier” and “harder”button”

I have been a personal trainer since 2008 and have worked really hard to help people online for many years.

Created youtube videos, writing blog post, offering free classes, etc.

The best thing I have done was create the K Squared Fitness app because…

…it allows me to personalize a workout program to you.

If you notice the “easier” and “harder” buttons on the screen shot above if there is ever an exercise within our app that is too complicated OR to easy for you…

… you can click the button and the exercise will change on the screen.

Our software will remember where you in the progression for each and every exercise.

For example if you are great at push ups (you might be a level one)

But if you suck at pull ups (you might have a different progression shown on screen)

Take our fitness app for a spin and see how I help men get ripped by clicking here.

Daily Workout Routine For The Four Ab Exercises I Showed You Above

hollow body hold
Abs are the foundation to getting jacked.

In this article we talked about building the foundation first.

It’s the same thing I do with my personal training clients.

Build the foundation first.

I teach them to master the “hollow body” first because if you can do that it’s going to help you move better when you squat, press, deadlift, and of course yes activate your abs.

So here is a short little routine you can add to your workout everyday to begin practicing these ab exercises:

Week 1:

ab exercises men

5 sets

Tuck Pulse x 20 seconds

Rest x 40 seconds

Keep it simple. 5 minutes a day. Work on mastering this exercise first, it will be harder than you think.

Week 2:

ab exercises for women

5 sets:

Single Leg Tuck Hold x 25 seconds

Rest x 35 seconds

Week two we level up the exercise and also increase the duration by 5 seconds.

Also notice that we spend a full week on the tuck pulse and didn’t just jump to exercise 2 on day 2 lol. Stay patient brother, master the foundation first and when you get to the hollow body you will thank me.

Week 3:

5 sets:

Weighted Tuck Hold x 30 seconds

Rest x 30 seconds

Stick to the short rest periods. If you start to lose form, then yes extend the rest duration before you change to an easier exercise.

Week 4:

ab exercises

5 sets:

Hollow Body Hold x 40 seconds

Rest x 20 seconds

If you rushed the weeks prior to today…it’s going to be extremely tough. Heck it’s extremely tough for me.

But that’s what you are here for 🤪

Ready for the challenge? 🚀

Join the challenge and we will guide you through a week of core workouts 🙌🏻


Within the article I gave you four of the best ab exercises for men to do that will light a 🔥 to your abs.

I gave you full video tutorials to each exercise so you can master the form.

Lastly I gave you a four week progression to follow.

Notice how simple the progression is:

  • Increase the difficulty
  • Increase the "work" time
  • Decrease the "rest" time

Do that, and you will get a great challenge.

Do me a favor and comment below which ab exercise you found to be the most challenging in the comments below.

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