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Ab Course (Workout 5/5)

The final lesson in the 5 day ab course!!

I’m impressed you have made it this far.

Like I shared with you earlier in the week only 42% of people even show up for day 2.

You making it to day five shows you are one motivated person 🤙🏻

Today we will:

  • Be our shortest workout yet. Just five minutes
  • But, we piece a little bit of everything we have learned it put it all together

Coaching note:

With proper muscle activation and intensity you can see how in just five minutes you can get a serious ab workout!

Today’s Workout Overview:

5 Minute EMOM (Every minute on the minute)

45 seconds x Elbow Plank

35 seconds x Boat Pose

25 x Crunch

20 x V Up

60 seconds x Tuck Hold

Click on the video above and finish out the final workout of the week!


I would love for you to share 3 take aways you got from taking the course.

Reply to the email and let me know


Just to say hi!

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