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Ab Course (Workout 4/5)


You ready for day 4?! 

Heck yeah you are. 

Let’s do this! 

Today we will:

  • Give you a a progression (make it harder) from an exercise we did earlier in the week
  • Teach you to work hard to “earn” your rest

Coaching note:

Earlier in the week we worked on the hollow body. 

Remember this one 👇🏻

workout for abs

Well today I want you to do your best to keep that strong position when you do the tuck up in today’s video. 


Today’s Workout Overview:

Every 30 seconds x 4 sets

20 seconds x Dragonfly

15 x Tuck Up

20 seconds x Straight Leg Bottom Balance

15 x Single Leg Pike Lift


You have learned by now that we use the timer as our own coach. 

In today’s case we are starting the exercise “every 30 seconds” 


Some of the exercises (15 x Tuck Up) are based on reps. 

What that means is…

You gotta hustle! 

The sooner you finish your 15 reps the longer rest you get. 🤪



Any questions I’m here for ya

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