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Ab Course (Workout 3/5)

You are clearly someone who is up for the challenge.

I love it.

We like people like you in our community. 

I tell people all the time “you can find a way or you can find an excuse.”

It’s just about showing up day in and day out.

And you are doing that!

Today we will:

  • Show you a few new exercises that will hit your abs in entirely different way.  
  • We have been focusing on isometric holds and not it’s time to begin to increase the challenge in a different way.

Coaching note:

The more muscles we can recruit the better. 

That’s why we we do exercises on the p bars or pull up bar it’s harder. 

Because now we are engaging either “push” or “pull” muscles. 

Check out some of the people who work with us and have completed our program:

And a lot of others as well! 

We are passionate coaches who love to bring out the best in everybody

The clients that you see in the videos above how gone through the exact course that you are going through now. 

We truly believe that mastering “hollow body” and being able to build a strong foundation with your core is the first steps to getting in great shape. 

Here is an inside look of how they use our programs now…

It’s with our fitness app:

Pretty sweet right?!

We have worked really hard on it to make your experience better.

If you want to take it for a spin you can for just $1 by clicking here

I wanted to show you all of that because as exercises get more complex I know how frustrating it can be to not be able to do the exercises on screen.

But back to the ab course!!

You can just follow along with Katie if there is something you can’t do 😄


Workout Overview:

Every 45 seconds x 3 sets (little faster than an emom)

25 seconds x Strict knees to elbow

4 x Hanging Knee to elbow + 8 kipping knee to chest

Every 30 seconds x 3 sets

20 seconds x Tuck tap

20 seconds x Boat Pose

As always it’s okay if you don’t know the name of the exercises

Just click on the video above or here.



If you have any questions just let me know 

I’m happy to help! 

Course Progression 60%

Hang On

Level Up

Put It All Together