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Ab Course (Workout 2/5)

Did you know that only 42% of people even show up for the second workout!

So hats off for you already for showing up!

Even if you are little be sore ūüôÉ

Today we will:

  • Target your obliques¬†
  • Focus on isometric holds again (master the basics first)
  • Expose you to some simple variations to work your abs.

Coaching note:

If you focus on isometric holds first (planks, side planks, hollow body, l sits, etc) all things that you will learn your body will have a stronger “base” or foundation. It’s really important to do this first.Before you start to get more dynamic with more complicated exercises.¬†

This will help you do a couple of things:

  • ¬†Get the activation in your abs that you want
  • Avoid your back from hurting when you are trying to work your abs.¬†

Today’s Workout Overview:

3 Minute EMOM  (Every minute on the minute)

45 seconds x Bicycle Crunch

When the clock hits 3:00 complete:

Every 30 seconds x 3 sets 

20 seconds x Tuck Hold

20 seconds x Fast Mountain Climber

20 seconds x Side Plank

20 seconds x Side Plank 


You probably noticed this yesterday but when we set times to go at the intensity goes wayyy up!

This is what you want though! 

Intensity is what creates change.

When it burns:

  • Remind yourself of why you decided to sign up.¬†
  • Give yourself positive self talk
  • Tell yourself “this workout is less than 8 minutes. I can do this!”
Click play on the video above and knock out the workout! 


You got this! 

If you can change your habits you can change your life. 

Course Progression 40%

Lose Your Love Handles

Hang On

Level Up

Put It All Together