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Ab Course (Workout 1/5)

In today’s lesson my goal is to teach you a few things:

  • Show you how you be productive in less than ten minutes a day
  • Educate you on why we use the clock as our own “coach” 
  • Teach you the importance of “leveling” down to do the exercise that is best suited for you!
Throughout the entire course I (Kevin) will be doing the harder version of the exercises and Katie will be doing the easier version (although she is more than capable.)

Do your best to stick with follow along with either Katie or myself and get ready for a good challenge!

Side note:

If you don’t have any of the equipment shown in the videos just follow Katie.

She will be doing the no equipment needed version! 

workout for abs

That exercise above is called the “hollow body.” 

Today we are going to start working on progressions to help you get there. 

The hollow body is the king of all core exercises!

Today’s Workout Overview:

4 Minute EMOM  (Every minute on the minute)

45 seconds x Tuck Tap

35 seconds x Single leg tuck hold (progression of the hollow body)

When the clock hits 4:00 complete:

Every 30 seconds x 3 sets 

20 seconds x Crunch

20 seconds x Plank

Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with any of the exercises. 

That’s why we made this video format, so you can just follow along!

Click play on the video above and we will see you in class! 

Course Progression 20%

Master The Basics

Lose Your Love Handles

Hang On

Level Up

Put It All Together