30 Day Free Challenge

Improve aerobic capacity and go longer in tough workouts.

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The 30 Day Engine Challenge

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…You Are Not Alone

If you are wanting to improve your work capacity, improve your open scores, and take your conditioning to the next level then our 30 Day Engine Challenge Is For You!

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How The 30 Day Engine Challenge Works

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The engine challenge is designed to

Improve Your Work Capacity

Here Is What You Get (For Free)

30 Constantly Varied Conditioning Workouts

One workout each day sent to your email. 

Improved Endurance & Fitness

Daily daily engine workout will improve your conditioning. 

Specific Pacing

Each workout will have a recommended pacing to follow to help you get the desired training stimulus. 

Rowing, Biking & Run Workouts

If you do not have access to all equipment we will have options for you. 

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A little bit about me...

Hi, I'm Kevin Andres

Head Coach, Professional Athlete and Owner of K Squared Fitness

Once named Nashville’s Fittest Man. Kevin is now helping others transform their lives with his signature program designed for everyday people and aspiring athletes.

Are you ready to Improve aerobic capacity and endurance.

Join The Community Of Athletes Who Are Elevating Their Performance With Our 30 Day Engine Challenge.