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Want To Improve Your Open Scores?

You probably got exposed to Crossfit and all of the different movements and the challenge that it presents to you and you are hooked!

Things like:

  • Gymnastics (muscle ups, handstand walking, pistol squats, etc)
  • Olympic Lifting ( Clean and Jerk + Snatch)
  • The importance of having a good engine
  • Mobility & Mindset 

You probably want to become more efficient so that you can “RX” more workouts and take on any challenge that comes your way. 

Since you are reading this there is a pretty good chance that you want to become the best version/athlete that you are capable of, which is what we teach.

I’m Kevin Andres and the Owner/Head Coach of K Squared Fitness and my mission is to help you have your best open score yet and become a better athlete no matter where you are in your fitness journey. 

I encourage you to start with defining your goals, download my free goal setting guide for Crossfit Athletes and map out your plan.

Disclaimer: K Squared Fitness is not associated with with Crossfit in anyway and opinions are separate from the Crossfit brand. 




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Better Mobility Better Performance

Improve your overhead position, squat mobility, and become bullet proof with our 3 day FREE course.


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I’m confident you will be a good fit within our community.

What Skills Do You Want To Get Better At?

Handstand Walks
Handstand Walking

Want to improve your ability to handstand walk in workouts? 

Pull Ups

Want to improve your strict, kipping and butterfly pull ups? 

Shoulder Mobility

Positioning is key. If you are missing out on range of motion you are leaving numbers on the table. Take my mobility course for free!

K Squared Fitness

1-1 Coaching

Are you looking to take your performance to the next level? 

Imagine having the plan in place to help you fast track your goals. 

Our coaching process will empower you to be the best version of yourself. 


Online Training Programs

Are your workouts not cutting it for you? 

Not getting the results you want? 

We believe in training hard and being intentional with our training. 

Smart and effective programming is what we specialize in. 

crossfit workouts
nutrition coaching

Nutrition Coaching

You have a plan for your training…

…but do you have a plan for your nutrition? 

Get the most out of your workouts by optimizing your nutrition. 

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Join the program thousands of athletes (includes NFL athletes) who trust our programming to get them stronger, faster and improve performance. 

We believe in pushing the boundaries of fitness and surrounding ourselves with life minded individuals.