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We are passionate about coaching men and women who want to look and feel their best, as well as learn how to be effective in or outside of the gym. Our online training programs are designed to maximize results and focus on developing core strength, boosting your metabolism and seeing results quickly. We educate, provide tools, and support you in order to achieve your health goals.

K Squared Training Method


We know…You don’t do it. No one knows what to do. It’s boring. Yet, core is the foundation of strength. When fun/programmed, you’ll like doing it. Try our 8-minute EMOM and see the difference.


Skipped that last set? Would you go harder if others posted their times/weight? We aren’t just another workout platform. We push each other. We struggle together. We belong.


Gyms can be intimidating. "I can’t do that movement." "What size dumbbells?" Experiencing plateau? Monotonous routines? K Squared levels the playing field for you.


It takes 8 minutes to tell me what an Alligator Roll is? Where do I go where I can trust the information? In under 90 seconds with our videos, you will understand any movement in our program.


Paralyzed by the last “fad” diet? Overwhelmed by potential changes? Unsure of what to eat?Our program takes it one simple change at a time to make you look as good as you feel.


Focusing on how much you can lift? Scared you won’t do certain movements correctly? We focus on every detail. We don’t want you to get hurt or waste time lifting heavy weights without results.

We Love What We Do... And Have Fun Too

Let's Train Together

We are excited to get to train with and meet you! If you have any questions about our online training programs feel free to reach out to us!

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